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Internationally renowned author of Spiritual and Paranormal books printed in multiple languages. Jock is renowned for writing spiritually enlightening material covering diverse topics such as Intuition, Spiritual Growth, and Paranormal subject matter. Jock is also an accomplished editor and publisher of several magazines.




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Welcome to The Author Website Of Jock Brocas!

jockbrocasWelcome to the website of Spiritual Author, and Spiritual Speaker Jock Brocas. Here you can find out about the published books that Jock Writes. Jock is a prolific writer of spiritual works and these works have been published internationally. Jock always tries to extend the repertoire of his writing prowess to tackle fields and subject matter that may not have been written about before or that needs a different voice.



Book Of Six Rings

The Book Of Six rings is a book that teaches spiritual lessons derrived from the lives and teachings of martial arts masters. It is not a book for martial artists..Read more

The Sixth Sense

Learn how to use your Intuition to keep safe in a world full of danger. Develop your psychic abilities to stay safe in a hostile world. Full of exercises and real life lessons.Read more

Past Life Experience

This was written for a series of books. It helps you to understand the relaity of past lives and past life experience. Are past lives even real. You have to decideRead more

If you are interested in my spiritual work as an evidential medium, then head over to my main site where you can learn more about myself and my work as a medium.


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